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Zip-Clip - wrap around applications

A simple, quick and cost effective system for wrap around applications. Available in five sizes to support loads of 10, 50, 120, 230 and 500 kg.



Box and Zip-ClipsZip-Clip

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TT1 Tensioning Tool

TT1 tensioning Tool

A simple but effective tool for the tensioning of the zip-clip system, effectively removes sag from horizontal support wires.

Span-Lock In Use 2 Span-Lock In Use 1


Designed for use in conjunction with the zip-clip system, creating a complete catenary system. Available in lengths from 1 to 10 metres for supporting loads up to 35 kg.


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Comprising a zip-clip and a wire of pre-determined length from 1 metres, terminating in a CLA1 anchor. Available to support loads of 10, 50 and 90 kg.


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Con-Lock Anchor Con-Lock In Use

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Other solutions available

Zip-Clip offer a solution for almost all applications.

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Zip-Lock In Use Thread-It In Use Try-Lock In Use Luma-Lock In Use Dec-Lock In Use Knock-It In Use Span-Lock In Use