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More Than Just Sales

At Sutch Lifting Equipment, our service team specialise in the maintenance, repair, and inspection of your lifting equipment. With over 40 years’ experience, we can help ensure your business is compliant with current regulations whilst keeping your employees safe.

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• Sales • We take pride in offering a wide range of proprietary lifting equipment from world class manufacturers. These products are available to purchase through our sales team via phone on 01604 751146 or email at . Alternatively, you can visit our centrally located trade counter and speak with our knowledgeable engineers. We also have a range of products available via our online shop. In addition, we have the capability to design and manufacture bespoke lifting solutions in-house with the aid of SolidWorks CAD design software. • Servicing, Repair and Maintenance (onsite & offsite) • Servicing is a vital aspect of ensuring the safety and efficiency of lifting operations. Regular servicing and maintenance of lifting equipment helps to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly breakdowns or safety hazards. Whether it's overhead cranes, hoists, slings, or other lifting accessories, a well-executed servicing program is essential to keep lifting equipment in serviceable condition. Repairs identified during inspection and servicing can be completed either onsite or in-house by our trained and competent engineers. Contact us today on 01604 751146 or at to discuss your requirements. • Inspection (onsite & offsite) • At Sutch Lifting Equipment, we specialise in the meticulous examination of a wide range of lifting equipment. Our qualified inspectors can complete detailed examinations in-house, detecting any potential issues to ensure your equipment meets the requirements of LOLER. For added convenience, we also offer onsite examinations where our engineers can visit your location to allow us to assess your lifting equipment within its operational environment. Stay compliant with the help of our free reminder service. For more information, contact our service team on 01604 751146 or at . • Testing (onsite & offsite) • Our experienced engineers can perform comprehensive in-house and onsite load testing services. At Sutch Lifting Equipment, we offer a complete solution for validating the strength and reliability of your lifting equipment and structures. From cranes and hoists to lifting accessories, we can subject your equipment to thorough testing to ensure compliance with industry regulations. Contact us today on 01604 751146 or at to discuss your load testing requirements.

Height Safety

Our extensive range of height safety equipment is sourced from leading manufacturers known for their reliability and performance. We are stockists of a wide range of height safety personal protective equipment manufactured by the likes of RidgeGear and Fall@rrest in accordance with current British and European standards. Our stock includes MEWP kits, scaffolders’ kits, work positioning and fall arrest safety harnesses and lanyards, karabiners and connectors. As a manufacturer approved service centre for both RidgeGear and Yale fall arrest devices, our qualified engineers complete servicing and repairs in-house, reducing costs and ensuring your downtime is kept to a minimum. Contact us on 01604 751146 or at to discuss your height safety requirements.

Lathe Machine

Machining Services

Located in Northampton, our ISO 9001 accredited machine shop adheres to strict quality control standards to ensure every component leaving us meets industry requirements. We prioritise precision machining and accuracy, undertaking one-offs, prototypes, and small to medium batch works. Our plant includes: XYZ Pro 3000 Vertical Turret Mill | XYZ Pro 4000 Vertical Turret Mill | Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe Experience the difference of working with a machining service that values precision and customer satisfaction. Contact us today on 01604 751146 or at to discuss your project requirements.